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Are Practices Necessary to Realize The Self? The Sedona Method.

By David Ellzey, Author, Teacher, Transformational Entertainer Are practices necessary to realize the Self? Here I will share a few thoughts as to why the answer is both yes and no – and why The Sedona Method is one practice … Continue reading

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The Art of Trust in Therapy

The birds have vanished into the sky.Now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
Until only the mountain remains.
~Li Bai When you get right down to it, there’s very little we actually know about the therapeutic encounter. … Continue reading

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Overview Content

Current Issue About Volume 1, Issue 3 (Winter, 2012) (Please scroll down towards the bottom for an abbreviated table of contents) Introduction to this Issue As the rains arrive scattering leaves and freshening the air in northern California, we welcome … Continue reading

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About Volume 1 Contributors

A list of all contributors to Volume 1, Number 1. Continue reading

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Index of Volume 1

This is an index of Volume 1: Fall 2011 Continue reading

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Book Review: Philip Goldberg – American Veda

A superbly researched and written description of Vedanta’s migration to the United States. Continue reading

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