Submissions Policy for Undivided

Undivided accepts submissions for a number of categories, all of which focus on the theme of nonduality and psychology:

  1. Clinical theory and practice: Scholarly articles that address clinical theory and practice, preferably including case studies, with appropriate notes and references at the end. The chapters in The Sacred Mirror (2003) and Listening from the Heart of Silence (2007) serve as examples of this kind of article.
  2. Contemplative Essays:  Articles focused upon a specific theme and designed to stimulate dialogue with readers. These are less scholarly and more informal explorations.
  3. Nondual teachers and teachings: Articles by or about contemporary or traditional nondual teachers and teachings, introducing the reader to direct sources. No specific length.
  4. Poetry
  5. Book Reviews
  6. Dissertations of note:  dissertation abstracts with accompanying PDFs
  7. Art work: graphic art and photographs
  8. Reports from the Field: anecdotal first person accounts of nondual realizations. Only first names will be used for attribution.
  9. Audiofiles of talks
  10. Video clips

Form of Submissions

All articles should conform to current American Psychological Association manuscript standards and be submitted in 12 point Times New Roman typeface in Word. Please consult the following for guidance: 


Process of Review

Articles will be reviewed in a timely fashion by a member of the editorial board and the editor-in-chief. They will be either unconditionally accepted, conditionally accepted contigent upon either major or minor revisions, or rejected due to insufficient quality or relevancy. Our editors will try to work with authors to bring their manuscripts to publishable form whenever possible.


Authors are strongly encouraged (but not required) to be available to blog with readers for a minimum of two months after publication of their article.

Where to submit

All submissions should be sent to John J. Prendergast, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, at

6 Responses to Submissions

  1. claire says:

    I would like to make a small donation but don’t want to use the internet to do so. How may I mail you a check?

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks for your interest and support. You can make the check payable to me: John Prendergast and mail it to 900 5th Ave., Suite 203, San Rafael, Ca. 94901 and I will deposit it and then transfer it to the journal account.

      warmly, John

      • Isg says:

        When i believe meself to be a separate individual, i see a separate world and separate individuals in it, this happens through the mechanism of projection but if i see through this and realize there’s really nobody home that the idea of a separate self is just an idea, then i have rooted out the idea that there is a separate self but what now do i go around believing that there are no separate selves? Isn’t that just another belief to hold any position whatsoever with regard to any of this, seems to me be back in the game of belief and projection again the idea here, it seems to me, is not to know anything (whatsoever) but to simply be any knowing , any holding any position whatsoever, is a movement back into the mind that knows, that can make sense of this reality

  2. Joel Weddington says:

    Hi John,

    I’d like to submit a contemplative essay for possible publication in the journal. I have a few lines of inquiry I’m exploring, and note the guidelines for writing. Is this a good place for me to go ahead with such a project, or do you have other ideas on how I can get started? Thank you.

  3. Fuaed says:

    Thanks for your article Jeff.I recently finished a training as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and I realise that as much as I want to help clients and others in general it is also really me that I am trying to help. I’ll try and practise bearing in mind the questions you raised in the article. Also I like the part where you told your client that you didn’t know . I can relate to that in my job with autistic kids. I sometimes don’t know what is going to happen and sometimes don’t know what to do and feel that remaining silent is the best option for the situation to evolve/change without me , if that makes any sense. Thanks again Jeff.Olivier

  4. Denise Meyer says:

    Dear John,
    Eirini Press has just published Lawrence LeShan’s latest work, The Landscapes of the Mind: The faces of reality, in which he applies a classification system (based on Linneaus’ method) to state of consciousness. I think that your readers will be most interested and wonder if I may send you a review copy?
    More information on the book is available at:

    Denise Meyer

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