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2 Responses to Masthead

  1. Roberto yudowski says:

    When the patients come with panic,fear, etc.
    I say,dont name it.
    Dont try to eliminate it.
    Dont try to change it.-
    You dont know really what that feeling is.-
    Only pay attention.-
    And, If the patient does:
    the panic,the fear is not.-
    I can go on.-

    My native language is Spanish.-

  2. Marc Perry says:

    Thank you for this and all your work in this domain. An honest practitioner will acknowledge her/his limitations and blind spots. When the practitioner holds true to the universal, they also see how the client/patient is also his/her teacher.

    Humility, love, patience, equanimity, integral, are qualities for which the psychotherapeutic practitioner is responsible for developing in her/him- self.

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