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Resonance: Welcoming You In Me – A Core Therapeutic Competency

  Introduction           By sharing our experience of nondual awareness without words or effort, we invite the people with whom we’re in relationship to entrain or attune to this experience themselves. As we rest in a … Continue reading

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by Frances Hatfield From across the far meadowwhoo, who-whoomurmurs through the glass of sleepand the moonlight of this worldspills through the blind,pooling all around meon the cloud-white bed. Who sleepsthrough all my daylight hoursdreaming I am awake?Who wakes now, tremblingat … Continue reading

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“How to Grow a Mandala”

  Dr. Maja Apolonia Rodé (a.k.a. Prema)   “How to Grow a Mandala”  

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Silence Heals Review

Silence Heals by Yolande Duran-Serrano and Laurence Vidal, translated by Mary Mann, 2012, Nonduality Press, Salisbury, UK. By Marjorie Bair This exquisite account of an awakening took hold of me as almost no others have, in some ways not dissimilarly … Continue reading

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The Last Hustle

The Last Hustle by Kenny Johnson (as told to Shanti Einolander)   “In Defense of the Story”   by Dan Scharlack, MFT “Who would you be without your story?” This question, popularized by spiritual teacher Byron Katie, has become an … Continue reading

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Nude Descending a Staircase

by Frances Hatfield Imagine the scene where the body plunges through a plate of glass in very slow motion, the invisible wall shatters into a puzzle of light, the shriek of splintering shards winds down to reveal a choral ode … Continue reading

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My Reincarnation

My Reincarnation by John Prendergast (available via Netflix streaming and DVD) This may be one the most unusual father-son films ever made. Certainly it is the most unusual great uncle – grand nephew movie, if such movies exist. Jennifer Fox, … Continue reading

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The Paperwhite’s Lesson Plan

  Part 1 – A Confession Cold snowy day in early January. I bring four paperwhite (narcissus) bulbs into our pre-service teacher education literacy class. Around the circle, hand-to-hand, crinkling brown dry skin invokes language while fingers point to tiny … Continue reading

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When Presence Is the Psychotherapist

  Rob and I have worked together for about a year, with me in the role of his therapist. We share a passionate engagement peering into the mystery of consciousness in very different ways and exploring how this lives in … Continue reading

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Three Possibilities of My Self: The Known, the Knower and Knowing

By Rupert Spira From the Known to the Knower Thought considers Me to be a separate self, born into a world, moving around in space and time and destined one day to disappear. As such thought considers Me an object, … Continue reading

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TOUCHSTONES: Timeless Parables Embracing All Traditions and Non-Traditions Adapted for Now by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. (Throughout the ages touchstones were a kind of hard black stone formerly used to test the authenticity and purity of precious metals, such as … Continue reading

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Life without a Centre, Parts 1,2,3

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

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The Ultimate Secure Base: Healing Insecure Attachment in the Nondual Field

         One of the many paradoxes of this existence is that even though what we most essentially are is a nondual field of awareness that lacks nothing–as it is All That Is–we are also human beings who … Continue reading

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Relationship vs. Relating

Bringing Our Togetherness Back to Life By Jeannie Zandi By showing us who we are and how to live surrendered to what is, nondual wisdom can greatly minimize the suffering that is our common human affliction in a separation-based society.  … Continue reading

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“The Noble Adventure”

8b. 0812The Noble Adventure by Richard Miller

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by Frances Hatfield I tried notto knowwhen I pulledthe Hanged Manout of the deck, but later,when you saidthe words thatsplayed me openlike a fish and laid me out—not unkindly—on the saltyblock, each fragile archof rib bereftof succouringdark, I knew thenI … Continue reading

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About Vol 1, Issue 3

About Volume 1, Issue 3 (Winter, 2012) (Please scroll down towards the bottom for an abbreviated table of contents) Introduction to this Issue As the rains arrive scattering leaves and freshening the air in northern California, we welcome you to … Continue reading

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On My Way Home

  The stream keeps flowing as the grass weaves back and forth Winding itself around the edges, Beckoning…. Petals falling to the ground, death has come and all things seem lost But what is this mystery that remains? Fire laps … Continue reading

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