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Stephan Bodian is a teacher in the nondual wisdom tradition of Zen and Advaita Vedanta and the founder and director of the annual eight-month School for Awakening. Stephan trained for 10 years as a Buddhist monk and spent an additional 10 years studying Advaita Vedanta with Jean Klein. In 2001 he received Dharma transmission from Adyashanti. A licensed psychotherapist as well as a teacher, he offers spiritual counseling to clients worldwide. His books include Wake Up Now: A Guide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening and Meditation for Dummies. For more information, visit


Exploring the Connection Between Awakening, Attachment and Non-attachment

In the past several decades, four major influences have been radically transforming the field of psychotherapy. Mindfulness, drawn from the Buddhist tradition, has become an essential tool that therapists can both use themselves to attune to their clients and teach … Continue reading

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Be Who You Are: An Interview with Jean Klein

A difficult-to-find and subtle interview of European Advaita master Jean Klein by nondual teacher and psychotherapist Stephan Bodian, originally published in 1991, with a new introduction. Continue reading

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