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About Jackie Seidel

I am an Assistant Professor and Director of Field Curriculum in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary, Canada. I am deeply interested in the ecological implications of fostering and practicing mindfulness in pedagogical situations. My work focuses on questions of cultural and ecological sustainability in the face of economic globalization and homogenization, and on ways of addressing the inter-related extinction of species, cultures and languages through the work of curriculum and pedagogy. With teachers, I inquire into ways to understand and untangle ourselves from the long history of Western schools’ participation in imperial, cultural and ecological violence, and to find new and just ways of working together/with children in schools.


The Paperwhite’s Lesson Plan

  Part 1 – A Confession Cold snowy day in early January. I bring four paperwhite (narcissus) bulbs into our pre-service teacher education literacy class. Around the circle, hand-to-hand, crinkling brown dry skin invokes language while fingers point to tiny … Continue reading

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