On My Way Home


The stream keeps flowing as the grass weaves
back and forth
Winding itself around the edges,

Petals falling to the ground, death has come
and all things seem lost
But what is this mystery that remains?

Fire laps at your heals, an unknown tapestry
of sorrow catches the thread of kindness
as circles of light
swirl round and round

You watch with amazement
as death comes close
and you feel like you are losing

Then letting go,
Suddenly you are astonished
to find yourself
at the center of everything!

Feel this falling onto solid ground,
Holy Holy Holy

Tears fall
first for the self you thought you were,
then for the grief of the world

dissolved like a pillar of salt
into a pillar of light

As this fire, this burning consumes
everything you thought

you could not stand to lose
Only to find yourself
Naked at the core
Standing on Holy Ground

About Lela Landman

Lela is a long time student of nondual teachings and a lover of ecstatic poetry who lives in Marin County, California. She began writing her own poetry a few years ago as a way to embrace her ongoing illness as a fourteen year survivor of metastatic breast cancer.


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One Response to On My Way Home

  1. This is a beautiful expression of the joy and heart ache of dissolution of the personal self into the vastness that has been there impersonally all along.

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