One Life

One Life

About Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis teaches art and computer graphics at a community college in Maryland.  Recently, her students’ artwork illustrating Dalai Lamas principles was featured on Dalai Lama Foundation site.  Lydia has lived briefly in the southwest where she became interested in the Native American culture. Using graphics software, she has been creating original artwork incorporating native symbolism and plans to relocate to New Mexico.  A former marketing director and resident of San Francisco and Santa Cruz, she became familiar with various spiritual teachers of the 80’s and 90’s. Over the last twelve years she has studied the writings of Nasargadatta and other nondualists.

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2 Responses to One Life

  1. Robert Cowart says:

    Really interesting Escher-like image. Takes a few seconds to figure it out. I knew it was skin, but it took a few seconds to see that it was hands.

    • Vanja says:

      Darryl, Wouldn’t ideas like nothing evolves or Human selfhood is an illusion, there is no seperation or in reality only ONENESS exists, also be beliefs? Nonduality is absolute subjectivity, consciousness without content, one without second. So wouldn’t any thought about nonduality be an interpretation of an experieince which is unknowable? I agree with you that the idea of evolution occurs in duality, I would only add that all ideas about nonduality also exist in duality. For myself I have decided that the reality of duality is also real and therefore the ideas we hold are important as they guide our actions, I have interpreted my own nondual expereinces through an evolutonary lens because I believe it is the most valuable lens that I have found to view those expereinces through. Thank you for your comments. Jeff

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