Nisargadatta Maharaj and the Surprising Power of Sacred Speech

With the remarkable interest expressed over the past dozen years in integrating nonduality (Vedanta: advaita; Buddhism: advaya) within the theory and clinical work of psychotherapy (e.g., Prendergast, et al., 2003, 2007), therapists and clients are well served to understand what the sages and texts esteemed as authentic actually have to say about the “doer-less way” of nondual spirituality.

Nisargadatta Maharaj and the Surprising Power of Sacred Speech

About Timothy Conway

Timothy Conway (“a dream-figment pointing to Your Awake Reality”) has shared nondual awakening in free satsangs since 1990 and more generally as a student of our sacred traditions since 1972, having encountered eminent sages within Advaita Vedanta (Sri Nisargadatta, Mata Amritanandamayi, Ramana Maharshi’s close disciple Annamalai Swami and others) and within Buddhism, Taoism, and western traditions. Instructor of courses at the Santa Barbara City College Adult Education program since 1989 on nondual spirituality, science, world religions, transpersonal psychology, and thanatology, Timothy’s dozens of essays on these topics are found at He is the author of Women of Power & Grace and a forthcoming, massive 2-volume sourcebook, India’s Sages, featuring nondual adepts in historical and modern-era Vedanta, Buddhism, Jainism, Tantra, Sant, Sikh and Sufi traditions. He has M.A. and PhD degrees (1983, 1988) in East-West Psychology from CIIS in San Francisco.


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