Index of Volume 1

1.  Editorials
  • Overview
  • About this Issue
2.  Nondual Teachers and Teachings
  • “Be Who You Are: An Interview with Jean Klein” by Stephan Bodian
  • “Revealing Nondual Awareness” by Peter Fenner”
3.  Contemplative Essays
  • “A Mirror Beyond Ideas” by Dorothy Hunt
  • “Therapy Without a Therapist: Nonduality, Healing and the Search for Wholeness” by Jeff Foster
  • “Knocking From the Inside” by John Prendergast
4.  Clinical Theory and Practice
  • “Inquiring Into Reality: A Twelve Stage Clinical Protocol to Deconstruct Non-Adaptive Self-Judgments, Including
  • Beliefs, False Identities, Roles and Stories ” by Will Friedman
  • “Toward a post-Cartesian Science of Nonduality: UnScience, Dzogchen, and Einstein’s folly” by Ken Bradford
5.  Audio
  • “When the Bottom Drops Out: Exploring the Groundless Ground in Psychotherapy”  talk by John Prendergast
  • “Out Beyond Ideas” song by John Astin
6.  Video
  • “A Woman’s Descent to the Sacred”  by Sherry Anderson
  • “Being No One: Consciousness, The Phenomenal Self, and First-Person Perspective” by Thomas Metzinger
  • “The Experience of No-Self ” by Adyashanti
7.  Graphic Art
  • Three Cut Paper Works by Dan Scharlack
8.  Poetry
  • Original poems by Dan Scharlack, John Astin, Jeannie Zandi and Gary Rosenthal
9.  Book Reviews
  • “The Book of One” by Dennis Waite – reviewed by Alan Jacobs
  • “The Ego Tunnel”  by Thomas Metzinger;
  • “Ego” by Peter Baumann and Michael Taft – reviewed by Richard Miller
  • “American Veda” by Phillip Goldberg – reviewed by John Prendergast
10.  Dissertations of Note
  • Doctoral Dissertations by Michael Costeines, Michal Fire, Arvin Paul and Tami Sattler
11.  Links

About John Prendergast

John J. Prendergast, Ph.D. is the editor-in-chief of Undivided: The Online Journal of Nonduality and Psychology, the senior editor of two anthologies on the subject of nondual wisdom and psychotherapy – The Sacred Mirror (with Peter Fenner and Sheila Krystal) and Listening from the Heart of Silence (with Ken Bradford),  and has been a student of nondual teachings since reading the works of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj over thirty years ago and then studying with the European sage Jean Klein from 1983 until his death in 1998 and with Adyashanti since 2001. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology at CIIS and a psychotherapist in private practice in San Rafael. He also leads several private self-inquiry groups. Please see for more information.

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